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::27.6.06:: Things That Shit Me #2

My housemates! One of them STOLE my tea towel from the kitchen. My frigging tea towel. Last week one of them stole my sister's cake of soap from the bathroom. I don't know what is worse - that they are stealing stuff or that the stuff they steal is so lame.

So last night I did the thing I swore I'd never do - I put up a sign in the kitchen. A nice friendly sign. But if that tea towel isn't returned by tomorrow, the sign is getting meaner! If it's not returned by the weekend, the "C" word will be used! Still it makes me the kind of person who puts up signs for their housemates. Cringe.

Other shitful things about my housemates:
  • They never ever put the bins out. They believe in the magical wheelie bin fairies. We have 5 bins (3 regular, 1 recycling and 1 green waste) so putting them out is a pain. Plus they don't fill one bin before using the next!
  • They put non-recyclables in the recycling bin. How frigging hard is it to get the bins right? One of my housemates put a heap of paint tins in the green rubbish bin!
  • One of them, and I'm pretty sure I know which one, doesn't flush the toilet. Earlier this year, I asked if the toilet could be flushed after every use and that stopped for a while but it's happening again.
  • The same housemate has TWO cars that he parks on the street outside our house and never moves and has them parked so that a third car can't fit in (even though if he'd parked properly I could get my car in there and not have to lug my shopping for blocks). I don't think he even drives either car. He just uses them to store shit.
  • He also uses really smelly soap for shaving and it stinks up the bathroom for ages (plus he leaves whiskers all over the sink - gross).
  • They use our microwave and never clean it out.
  • They use my washing machine when I want to use it.
  • They are NEVER home when I want to yell at them for doing shitful things. That is the most frustrating thing of all.

I don't think my complaints are too demanding. I just need to get some pretty pens from Officeworks because I think if I'm going to put a heap of signs up around the house, they should look artistic.



see isn't that sort of stuff just common sense???? or things you do only when living ALONE not with other people. i wanna scream just reading your entry.



I just can't see why anyone would not flush the loo after they've used it.


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