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::10.7.06:: Things That Piss Me Off #3

Doctors: I frigging hate doctors. If you make an appointment for say 10 am, why the hell can't they see you at 10 am, not 10.30, not 11.00, sometime that day whenever the hell they get around to it. You know why? Because they are The Doctor and you are a lowly not doctor person so you are therefore of less importance than them. You didn't spend 6 years or some crap like that at Med School so you can just frigging wait and wait.

The thing that makes this worse is that you aren't just waiting. You are waiting in a room filled with sick people with contagious diseases. And crying kiddies.

Then, when the doctor finally finishes their fancy coffee and their French souffles and thinks maybe they might get around to seeing a patient, you go in and say 'I have bronchitis, give me antibiotics' and they muck around, poking and proding you then say 'you have bronchitis, take antibiotics' and you think I bet they are glad they spend 6 years and a whole swag of HECS fees getting their fancy Melbourne Uni med degree.

Then you go out to the reception, who charges you a zillion dollars but tells you that you can get like $20 of it back from Medicare so you pay up then instead of getting that bed rest the doctor recommended, you have to lug your sick arse down to the Medicare office and stand in line of sick people get back the money to buy fags for the week.

What a great system.

You know, as much as I love to call the Howard government mean names - like buttmunchers and douchebags, it's good to see they are doing something to improve this situation. See about 92.5% of people who go to your local GP are there because the boss man won't pay sick leave nowadays without a medical cert. Even if you have a cold and you *know* the doctor can do sweet FA, you need that bit of paper to tell the man you aren't faking it.

Btw, has anyone in the history of sickies ever been refused a med cert? The whole med cert system isn't really to prove you are sick, it's to screw up your sickie and give you less shopping/Oprah watching/surfing time.

Good ole Howard though, with his IR laws. Soon no one will have sick leave. The doctor's offices will be barren and when I go in with my diseases, I'll be treated like royalty. Woohoo!

I am in many minds about the IR laws. Like the knee jerk reaction is IR laws = bad, but then I have the 'suffer in your jocks' cos I don't get sick leave so why should anyone else reaction. But then I think deeper and my deeper thoughts are that if no one has stuff like sick leave and holidays, I won't get paid the big, fat contracting dollars any more. It's never as easy as it looks.

But I'm in one mind about this - doctors suck.



The waiting completely bugs the crap out of me. Once I walked in and was ushered into the office ON TIME. No waiting. I almost had a heart attack on the spot, and let's face it, I reckon that would have been the best place to have such an attack!!


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