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::5.1.05:: Vote 1 Me

Well voting has started in the Australian Blog Awards, so if you are thinking of voting well you could do worse than to vote me for me.

These are my campaign promises:

1. No political posts (well not unless they are very funny and for a good reason) - hohum... how boring. You have better things to do with your life than read my crappy opinion on political issues.

2. 10% increase in hilarious posting about my vagina.

3. More sexploits. In fact, I will even take requests for my next exciting sexual adventure so long as it doesn't involve anything gruesome like corpses, animals or RH.

4. 25% less whinging about being poor.

5. I will show my boobs.

I don't think you can ask for more than that.

These are the categories in which I am nominated:

Best Overall Blog.

If you don't vote for me then vote for David or Tim. Both are exceedingly cool. Without wanting to sound bitchy or mean, I think there are some blogs out there that get a lot more attention than they deserve. Don't be a sheep, get out of your comfort zone and read the good stuff.

Best Post.

Two nominations here, which could split my vote. Damn it.

Little Bo Peep Show - I even added bonus photo.

I Heart Smoking

If you can't decide, vote for the first one. If you don't wanna vote for me, maybe I smote you in the past and now you hate the guts of me or something, then vote for The Parable of Shirer the Pig. Go check it out. You rarely read stuff that good on the net.

Best Victorian Blog.

Best Personal Blog.

That's it. Remember, I love you.



Yey! you've got my vote.



Dear Miss Kathryn, lady writer of erotic fact.

Well thanks very much. And I've said such nice things about you. See where it's got me!
Go on, whinge less. 100% less. And show your boobs - 100% more! But it's not enough. Not for me! After what you've said about me - I'm demanding the lot!





(Meet me outside the mall sex shop, 8 oclock tonight)



Thanks for the shout!



Thanks Clare. And thank you Tim for your shout out.

RH... couldn't meet you, was at the movies. It was a toss up between you and Johnny Depp, and well, what can I say...







Yep,that about sums me up.



Yes, well that's the last time I'll wait outside a sex shop for you! Bloody well count on it!

(How about that raincoat cinema in Swanston Street? 8 oclock? Tonight?)


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