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::19.2.05:: Bored

Another Saturday night, sitting at home alone. I'm sure my life used to be better than this. I used to have adventures and excitement and good times. I don't know where all that went.

I was supposed to go out and meet up with a group of people for lunch today but, when I got there, I decided I couldn't be bothered going inside. It's so hard to make conversation with people you don't know and I just wasn't up to the effort.

I think that once I believed that these things were worth making an effort for, now I just think why bother? It will only end in the blahs anyway.



Stop it!
You're sounding like me :-)



I'd have kept walking too. It's not that you don't want to be social, it's just you can't be stuffed. Or is that just me?? :)




I think you're right. When I think about it, I shouldn't feel bad for not going. I mean, if I'm not in the right frame of mind for meeting people then trying to make the effort and failing will only make me feel worse. I think that when I'm feeling stronger emotionally then stuff like that will be easy. I guess you can't force it.



I know what you mean - when you are not in the mood for making small talk it can be very draining and the worst thing is forcing it you probably did the right thing gym buddy - don't get so down about it though



On the other hand, you may haved forced yourself to go in, made a little effort and ended up really enjoying yourself. It's happened to me, anyway.



Well, at least you didn't have to go in there and justify yourself to them. That's the worst. And usually they end up trying to convince you to stay, or come out, or whatever.

I think you did the right thing.



Violet - normally I'd agree with you. Some of the best times I've ever had have happened when I didn't want to go out in the first place. But I also think when you are feeling down, going into a situation that can compound that isn't a good idea.


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