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::18.12.04:: Award Time

I've been nominated for several categories in the Australian Blog Awards. Does this make me cool?

I used to think awards like this are only popularity contests, but then I stopped to think and my brain said, 'well, der.' As in, if your site is popular then it must be because people like it so you must be doing something right. Either that, or you put out (all the way with Stephanie Kaye style).

The other problem I have with blog awards is that you have the greatest content with the fantastically witty prose, but if you're blogging about something I don't care about, I'm not going to read it. For example, political blogs, knitting blogs, baby blogs - all these things I don't give a rat's arse about. I'm not saying they are bad or anything, just not my cuppa tea. You in turn might think that blogs about whatever the fuck this blog is about are deadly dull. So be it.

The only way to be fair and equitable, would be to have a multitude of genre-specific categories but that could get mighty messy.

Anyway, it's all just a bit of fun in the end and a good chance to source out some new reading material.

Now, just to save you trolling through the Jazzyhands archives for your best post nomination, here are a few choice picks:

Peep Show

Ipod of the Tiger

I heart smoking

Video Games Cause Violence

Oops - I'd forgotten about this post.



I'm gonna nominate "I Heart Smoking" cause I reckon everyone will love that. Plus I agree with it one hundred percent.



Miss Kathryn, hello again. It's me: R.H.
Don't be annoyed, but I've nominated you. Best Victorian Blog, that's what I said. Read it and weep.



Read it and weep? I read it and peed my pants.



That's all right. Go ahead; pee your pants, enjoy yourself. I've long given up hope of ever being taken seriously.


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